Todor Cholakov

Photographer, 33, Vratsa

To recount about myself I would like to share with you my recipe for a carefree life.

Weekend mornings, before last stars decline I would be positioning my tripod on a nice location in the mountains

Usually I'm already late or on my way to be late so I'm in a hurry and worried that I might miss the moment for which I have deprived myself from my morning nap.

I am always surprised how cold it is in the morning just before sunrise. I have mounted my camera, I've taken out all the gear that I have and once again it seems to me insufficient (I always want to have at least one additional filter). Then I wait.... the minutes are longest, but it's beautifully. For those of you who have waited on the sun to rise I don't need to explain that those are the most beautiful moments of expectation that a person can experience. I'm waiting, believing that this sunrise would be the one that I've been expecting and for which I've woke up so many times at midnight. Occasionally I'm startled by the rustling of wildlife, the horizon is as vague silhouette, I'm trying not to kick up a fuss and spoil the harmony around me. I feel small ...

And before long the entire nature begins to change. The stars start to fade away, the horizon begin to emerge more clearly, and the sounds of wild animals are increasingly choked and finally only those made by birds remain... it's now brighter around me it begins to spray light, the sun has not yet raised, but the light makes its way through the morning mist ... is beautiful. Then the sunrise comes, always different, with high spirits, color and light. I`m turning the camera settings feverishly, then take the shot and change filters, seeing how the environment alter each minute. Then, very quickly, almost imperceptibly became brighter, the landscape around me starts to acquire colors, the sound of civilization emerges and the sun delays its motion in the sky.

Typically I`m not in a hurry to leave, the mornings are nice and calm, delighting the senses. I`m going one more time over the photos I`ve just took, hanging around, not wanting to leave, promising my self to come back again. I`m heading home. The town has just begun to wake up, drowsy people emerge from their modern small boxes starting their day, and I in turn stocked up patience...until the next sunrise.

This is how I shoot photos, from these places are all of the photos on my website, I hope you`ll like them and will be glad if you decide to share your opinion here .


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